Two Big Puppets

In the fall, I was hired by the Calliope Collective in Kingston to design two huge puppets for a winter solstice festival. Members of the collective assisted in the building on a weekend in early December. The Oak and the Holly Kings wound up being about 10' tall each, and each puppet was puppeteered by three people. Josh Lyon, one of the members of the collective, made a video about the puppet-making process and about the festival itself. 

Boys, Girls, & Other Mythological Creatures

Finished up my work on Carousel Players' Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological CreaturesWritten by Mark Crawford, directed by Jessica Carmichael, it is a truly wonderful production. Every kid should see it. Heck, every person should see it. A few shots of my work. Unfortunately, I don't have a good photo of the 14' tail.

Currently working on puppets for Shotgun WeddingSuper fun. Also a mask for Ottawa-based photographer Lesia Maruschak and puppets for XPT in Atlanta in May.